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The Truth about Frozen Foods and Nutrition

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Hey Too Good Family,

This months blog is centered around frozen foods and it's nutritional value, this topic is important and the information is valuable as we transition into the colder months. Educating our community is a top priority for us. I became passionate about nutrition and living an all-around healthier lifestyle once becoming a mom in my senior year of college and watching so many of my family members suffer from health-related illnesses that "ran" in our family.

Here are the Facts:

Fresh vs. frozen is more about preference than it is about consuming the most optimal nutrients. Frozen fruits and vegetables are frozen at the peak of ripeness to guarantee freshness, flavor, and optimal nutrients through the most natural way to preserve food, which is done by freezing. The frozen food foundation says, it can be argued that frozen fruits and veggies are equally as or possibly more nutritional due to flash freezing and being frozen at the peak of ripeness. Now when I compare fresh vs. frozen I am only referring to fruits and veggies, of course eating frozen pizzas and certain quick-frozen meals are not healthy for you.

Factors that play a part in the decrease of nutrients in your fruits and veggies are - how long the food travels and how long it's cooked. For example, when making your grocery list, if you desire fresh spinach and strawberries for your summer salad, buy ingredients at your local farmers market first because it has traveled a shorter distance, more likely to be ripe, and will contain more nutrients because it hasn't been sitting and confined by shipping boxes - and if you don't eat all of your fresh market items, simply use freezer bags to eat it at a later date, while still saving those vital nutrients. As the weather gets colder, farmers markets go away; this is when frozen fruits and veggies can really make a difference in your diet. Buying frozen fruit and veggies can be a game changer for buying time and lowering your grocery store bill because frozen fruits and veggies last longer and typically less expensive.

At the end of the day, I want you and your family to be stress free and happy. Choosing good food makes you happier and healthier. Rather you eat fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables make sure you eat them daily!

When in doubt, stressed, or in need of a good snack, we've got you covered - Eat and Live Too Good, Anique

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