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Back to School Essentials: Self Care

Back to school feels like a second new year; it’s also a great time to incorporate sustainable and meaningful habits into your daily routine.

As flexible schedules and week-day vacations begin to fade and the daily grind becomes normal again, our Too Good team, wanted to share 6 back to school, self-care essentials, to increase peace of mind for the whole family.

1. Leave one day out of the week unplanned.

We know this may be hard with fall activities, family gatherings, school meetings, etc but to prevent burnout, choose any one day out of the week to simply block your calendar and move a bit slower that day to recharge.

2. Ask for help, pay for help, or better yet, accept help.

Although I am writing this as a member of the Too Good Eats team, from recommendations we thought through together, I am a mom first and I am writing this specific essential recommendation from a place of experience and an open heart for all moms - ask for help and accept help, whatever this looks like for your family, know that as a mom, you don’t have to do it all. Whatever your family dynamics look like, there are people who want to help you live a more simple and intentional life. Delegate tedious tasks, assign chores to your kids, and communicate with your spouse/partner about your needs and what peace looks like for your family. Our family says - “teamwork makes the dream work” and I live by this.

3. Pack your fridge/freezer with convenient nutritional snacks.

Delicious snacks don’t just live in the pantry, we’ve got a whole bunch of goodness powered by real fruits and vegetables that live in the fridge and freezer only. Our essential self-care recommendations for easy, delicious, and nutritional snacking are:

Artisan Drinks:

  • Dreamy Chocolate Milk - because who doesn’t love chocolate milk?! Have a glass anytime, it’s non-dairy and delicious.

  • Pink Raspberry - crafted with a sweet and creamy taste and a smoothie-like texture, this drink is the perfect meal replacement or breakfast option.

  • Pineapple Hibiscus - perfect by itself or as a smoothie base, the ginger pineapple mix enlightens your taste buds.

Gourmet Fruit and Veggie Popsicles:

  • Too Good Green - a fan favorite and the perfect on-the-go breakfast or post-workout treat. This pop is like a smoothie on a stick.

  • Red Pop - everything you love about red fruit and carrots for extra nutrients and flavor. This pop is ideal for easy after-school snacking.

  • Pineapple Supreme - looking for something to curve the sweet tooth but make dessert just as fun, go with Pineapple Supreme pop.

  • Lemon Berry Lavender - it’s just you and you’re craving a creamy, semi-sweet, late-night snack that you don’t want to share, grab a Lemon Berry Lavender pop and enjoy some peace in your mouth.

4. Meal planning.

Making meals can become a tedious task when schedules become more demanding. You just dropped off the kids, how is it dinner already!? We’ve all been there. To help mitigate these feelings, our self-care recommendation is to write dinner plans out for the entire week, especially Monday - Friday. Planning meals and shopping around your plan helps to alleviate stress and makes dinner prep much more peaceful. Also, planned take-out and pizza Friday is meal prep too and there are many ways to make your take-out experience nutritional by adding any of the Too Good Eats products above, cutting the fries and choosing fruit instead, and pairing take-out with pre-cut veggies. We promote a balanced life, not a stressful one.

5. Schedule moments of gratitude in your day.

This can look like taking a walk and meditating on what you love and appreciate, writing in a journal at the end of the day to reflect on the things you're thankful for, or calling a friend during your commute just to catch up.

6. Move your body.

Dance, walk, run, schedule time at your favorite fitness gym, whatever it is, moving your body intentionally for at least 30 minutes per day, makes a difference in your overall physical and mental health. Find your 30 minutes in the day, and make it personal.

Thank you for reading, we hope our back-to-school: self-care essentials recommendations are useful! Please share with a friend and join our Too God community. Is there anything you would add to this list? Send us an email or tag us on social and we will share with others!

Happy back to school, Eat and Live Too Good!


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