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Youth Entrepreneur Cart Program

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Too Good Eats is on a mission to empower families to live a healthy, fun, and balanced life. 

Our vision for the Youth Entrepreneur Pop Program is to provide a summer job program for high school students to teach transferable life skills that aren't taught in a traditional k-12 learning environment. We're talking business acumen, sales, goal setting, marketing, money management, operations, social skills, self care, and self-confidence. 

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The Too Good Eats Nourish Our Community program is a Youth Workforce Development Program and a summer job opportunity operating from June to August each year.


High school students will not only earn summer income but also work towards building business acumen skills, soft skills, and personal development (including financial literacy, resume building, health, and wellness). This is achieved through intentional weekly workshops while working at Too Good Eats carts on Saturdays.


The program runs from June 10th to August 5th. To apply, simply complete your application no later than April 30th.


Apply here. 

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