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"Spice Up Your Holiday Party with a Hibiscus Cider Cocktail

We partnered with some of the best bartenders to share delicious and easy cocktail and mock-tail recipes incorporating our favorite Too Good Eats, seasonal artisan drinks. Enjoy this holiday cheer recipe featuring our seasonal Hibiscus Cider.

Holiday Cheer Cocktail - Hibiscus Cider

The flavor of the Hibiscus Cider is so fresh and packed with bold delicious flavor, my guest are going to fall in love with this recipe, it kinda tastes like Christmas! – Shelly

We are super excited to partner with extraordinary cocktail crafter and mobile bartender owner - Tall Glazz Events. She crafted a delicious holiday cocktail featuring our seasonal Hibiscus Cider. Hibiscus Cider tastes like everything we love about the holidays - cinnamon, apples, and the hibiscus flower gives it a delicious taste and color that you are going to fall in love with. Packed with only natural super foods, no additives, and no added sugar, everyone can enjoy!

Hibiscus Cider Cocktail


Ingredients: 1.5oz cognac

1.5oz @too_good_eats Hibiscus cider

.5oz triple sec

Fresh lemon juice

Aromatic bitters


🌺Add Cognac, triple sec, and *too good eats Hibiscus cider to shaker with ice.

🌺Add 2 dashes of aromatic bitters to shaker.

🌺Squeeze fresh lemon into shaker.

🌺Place lid on shaker and shake well.

🌺Pour into glass, add apple garnish.

Enjoy and Live Too good!

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