Women's Live Too Good Tank

Women's Live Too Good Tank


We say "Eat and Live Too Good" because it's a way of life, it's about putting goodness in your body and into the world around us. We believe in changing the way families choose healthy and growing with families; that's why we started. 

We carefully designed apparel you can look and feel good in!  

The women's racer back tank will benefit ROOTT:



ROOTT is a Black women-led reproductive justice organization dedicated to collectively restoring our well-being through self-determination, collaboration, and resources to meet the needs of women and families within communities. They offer doula services to women even if they can't pay and training to become a doula.

This organization is very important to me because I had a scary and long labor/delivery due to doctors not following proper protocol and procedure. I was forced into having an emergency Caesarean section which later I found out could have been avoided. I didn't receive proper care after delivery and suffered from much pain. If I had an organization such as ROOTT to support me during and after pregnancy I could have have a better experience.

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