Too Good Pops (10 Pack)

Too Good Pops (10 Pack)


Fruit & Veggie Ice Pops 

1 bag of 10 Pops

There is a 100% serving of fruits and veggies per pop. Great for teething babies, an after workout snack, or anytime snack year round for any age. No water, no added sugar, nothing artificial! Our standard pops are only 20-25 calories per pop!

Once you add your box to your cart you can choose up to two flavors! 

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Too Good Green:

organic kale-we juice ourselves, organic mango, organic banana, organic lemon, organic apples

Red Pop:

organic strawberries, organic cherries, organic carrots we juice ourselves, dates, organic apples

Tart Berry Ginger:

Ginger, red beets, organic prune juice, grapefruit juice we juice ourselves, prunes, lemon, organic power 7 juice blend: all organic: Pomegranate, tart cherry, black mulberry, red grape, purple carrot, cranberry, blueberry 

Blurple Wonder:

red cabbage we juice, organic blueberries, blackberries, organic kale-we juice, pears, we juice  & organic Concord grape juice

Pineapple Supreme:

Organic Apple Juice, Pineapples, organic mango, organic sweet corn, organic lemon juiced-we juice, organic golden beets-we juice, organic golden raisins

Creamy Coconut Pop:

Organic Coconut flakes, filtered water, jicama, banana, dates, lemon, vanilla, salt