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Too Good Subscription

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Step One 

Choose Your Subscription Box 

We offer 4 different subscriptions boxes. Seedling, Root, Nurture, & Growth Subscription Box. Each subscription box caters to a different healthy lifestyle. 


step two 

fill out your order form 

Before you can add your subscription box to your cart, you have to fill out an order form. Each order form will ask  you what are your flavor choices. 


Step three 

too good eats is on its way 

Your Too Good Eats Subscription Box is on it's way & will be delivered to your door! Make sure to snap a picture of you enjoying your too good eats! 


We offer non commitment based subscription! You can opt out one month and opt back in another! 

Here at Too Good Eats, our products are crafted to feed and nurture the family. Our mission here at Too Good Eats is to provide truly delicious eats packed with the nutrients your body needs to flourish! Each of our products have 100% serving of REAL fruits & veggies! No water, No Added Sugar, No Artificial Ingredients or preservatives.





Our mission is to close the grocery gap through education and by providing products that help give babies a healthy start to life. There is a proven lack of fresh and healthy produce/foods within disadvantage andlow-incomeneighborhoods causing the "food desert." A healthy diet plays a key role in holistic health and babies deserve a healthy start.

We donate 10% of our quarterly profits in product to Franklin County residents living in food deserts and are experiencing food insecurity. A food desert is an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food. We partner with Columbus non-profits servicing families living in food deserts to donate our Delicious and nutritional products to. Just think you can buy and eat convenient and nutritional foods while giving the same quality to someone else. 210,0472 residents living right here in Franklin County are living below the poverty line. Too Good Eats helps everyone to Eat Too Good and Live Too Good no matter where they live! 

We believe that everyone is deserving of real food-no matter their zip code. Forming healthy habits at a young age leads to healthy adults and helps to break family generational illnesses such as heart disease and type two diabetes. Growing up, I was at risk for type two diabetes but through education and a healthy diet I helped to break curses for my family and this is why, this is so important to our family.


-The Russell Family! 


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