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Have Too Good Eats delicious and naturally organic fruit & veggies pops catered at your event. Perfect for birthday parties, graduations, and weddings. We offer two different sizes on our catering menu! You can choose up to 3 flavors of our Too Good Pops! 

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Too Good Green:

organic kale-we juice ourselves, organic mango, organic banana, organic lemon, organic apples

Red Pop:

organic strawberries, organic cherries, organic carrots we juice ourselves, dates, organic apples

Tart Berry Ginger:

Ginger, red beets, organic prune juice, grapefruit juice we juice ourselves, prunes, lemon, organic power 7 juice blend: all organic: Pomegranate, tart cherry, black mulberry, red grape, purple carrot, cranberry, blueberry 

Blurple Wonder:

red cabbage we juice, organic blueberries, blackberries, organic kale-we juice, pears, we juice  & organic Concord grape juice

Pineapple Supreme:

Organic Apple Juice, Pineapples, organic mango, organic sweet corn, organic lemon juiced-we juice, organic golden beets-we juice, organic golden raisins

Creamy Coconut Pop

Organic Coconut flakes, filtered water, jicama, banana, dates, lemon, vanilla, salt