Blueberry + Banana + Kale (4 Pack)

Blueberry + Banana + Kale (4 Pack)


Fruit & Veggie Blend

1 Pack of 4 Pouches 

Parent’s love that our blueberry, banana, & kale blend is made with naturally organic real fruit, packed with vitamins & minerals, with no added sugar. Sneaking in kale for all the nutritional goodness. So truly delicious they’ll never know. We know what really matters is the taste & quality! The whole family will love that this blend is honest to goodness deliciousness with every spoonful!

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.Blueberries: blueberries have a host of amazing nutrients and referred to as a super food. High in antioxidants and natural sweetness.  


Bananas: Sweet, tasty, nutritious, and babies love them! Banana is what brings this blend together. Bananas are referred to as a power food being rich in potassium and an abundance of vitamins. 

Kale: excellent source of vitamins A and C. The baby kale we hand select is packed with nutrition to help your baby grow. Did you know kale is packed with calcium? So your baby can get a lot of calcium for healthy bones and teeth by eating kale. 

Mint: We add just a hint of mint to this blend for added natural flavor and a fun food experience for your baby. Mint can serve as a natural calming aid for babies.