Where we cook: 

The 1400 Food Lab, certified licensed kitchen in Columbus, Ohio 


Our cooking cooking process: 


We carefully choose the best local and market fresh fruits and veggies to create amazing and delicious real fruit and veggie combinations without any added water or sugar-no fillers, non-gmo, literally nothing artificial and nothing added. What you see and taste is what you get with us! We aim to use majority organic fruits and veggies in our pops too! 

Fruit & Veggie Blends:

Made with your baby and older children in mind-we carefully select the best organic  local and market fresh fruits and veggies, we then lightly cook the food, and immediately freeze the goods to lock in quality and key nutrients in EVERY bite! 


Why we freeze? 

Freezing is natures more purest way to preserve food. Shelf brand baby food is cooked at extremely high temperatures to sustain a shelf life of 1-2 years but during their cooking process, they lose majority of the foods natural nutrients that are meant to help your kiddo grow! With us, the key nutrients,  flavor, and good bacteria is still present in the food when you serve your kiddo! Our food has a freezer life of 6 months and unthawing and feeding is  just as easy as any other convenient food pouch-but with Better flavor and nutrition. 

Simply unthaw in the fridge or warm water and serve!


Our pouches: 

Our pouches are BPA free and re-usable to be good to nature. Also, some moms may use our food to supplement their own food and they re-use our pouches to do so. Our Pouches are also microwave friendly. Although heating is NOT required we know that some kiddos may like their food warm. We suggest warming food in a bowl of warm water but if choosing to microwave, do so at 10 seconds at a time and please test the food before serving it to your kiddo. Babies should learn to eat with a spoon so please pour pouch contents into a bowl sometimes and enjoy a family meal together!