10 Questions With Anique & Ali

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What is the best part of running Too Good Eats? 

Definitely seeing people enjoy our good eats and meeting new people while sharing our business passion. Too Good Eats was a leap of faith for my husband and I.

What has been the greatest struggle of running Too Good Eats?

Literally figuring it all out. Business is hard. We are young entrepreneurs but determined to keep learning and building our dream of giving families the best quality fruit & veggie snacks.

How has your vision for Too Good Eats evolved since starting?

Many people may not know this but the vision for Too Good Eats began in 2014 when big Ali and I graduated from college with our 6 month old son- little Ali. I became overwhelmed with life after college but so passionate about giving our son a healthy start to life. I began making all of little Ali’s baby blends and thought “how many moms would love fresh baby food, I should start helping other moms too!” but I started teaching and things got busy. When my son turned 1 I started making fruit & veggie ice pops and while at the grocery store I noticed all snacking was separated for just kids or just adults and I wanted a family snack company that I felt confident my whole family would love. That’s when my husband stepped in and put a unique twist on what is the root of our business which is our gourmet fruit & veggie ice pops with taste and nutrition in mind! Keeping the whole family at the forefront we introduced fruit & veggie squeeze pouches as well.  

How does little Ali help in the kitchen prepping for farmers markets?

Little Ali has got our tagline and marketing down to a science LOL. He hands out pops at farmers markets and when we shop for market-fresh ingredients he helps to ensure we don’t forget any ingredients.

Our favorite fruit & veggie ice pops flavors?

Anique: Tart Berry Ginger

Big Ali: Pineapple Supreme

Little Ali: Too Good Green & Blurple Wonder

One goal that we would like to accomplish in the next year?

Make our fruit & veggie pops available in grocery stores nationwide and grow our summer internship program.

What advice would you give to a family looking to start their own business? 

Make a plan, set goals, fall in love with the process together, listen, communicate, pray, and don’t be afraid to change things.

How do you & Ali balance family life and business life?

Always make time for what is important. I said it already and I’ll say it again…running a business is hard but family peace is a priority! Therefore we balance by organizing our day and ensuring that we spend quality time together rather its cooking a family meal together or watching old Disney movies on Netflix. Little Ali has fixed reading times during the day that give him intimate moments with one of us.

What is one thing that you want your audience to know about your Too Good Eats?

Too Good Eats is the cool way to snack! If you haven’t tried the goodness, what are you waiting for?!

Share your philosophy on healthy eating?

Healthy eating is a lifestyle, not a short-term goal. It’s all about balance and treating your body well. I strongly believe that when you eat well you are more focused, determined, aware, and less tired. Our bodies are strong and can endure a lot so sometimes it may take a long time for bad eating habits to catch up to you, that’s why it’s important to foster a love for healthy eating at a young age for prevention.