Lunchbox Ideas for Back To School

Happy Sunday! 

Are you kids back in school yet? Last Sunday we shared one recipe for back to school lunches! Today we sharing 3 quick lunchbox ideas that are healthy and will keep your little one focused throughout the day! These lunch ideas are even Parent-Friendly. 

Lunchbox Idea One: 


What's For Lunch 

  1. Pesto Pasta 
  2. Peppers 
  3. Raspberries 
  4. Cheese Stick 
  5. Mini Peanut Butter Cup 

Lunchbox Idea Two: 


What's For Lunch? 

  1. Grape Tomatoes 
  2. Mixed Berries 
  3. Chocolate COvered Peanuts 
  4. Celery with Cream Cheese 
  5. Peanut butter and banana Tortilla Roll Ups

Lunchbox Idea Three 

Lunchbox Idea Too Good Eats.jpg

What's for Lunch? 

  1. Mixed Berries 
  2. Cucumber, Pepper, Cheese, Pita 
  3. Blueberry Grain Muffin