Creative Snacking with Too Good Eats


Happy Sunday Too Good Family, Today we are sharing with you a creative way to snack with our Too Good Eats Blueberry Bananas Kale Mint Fruit & Veggie Pouch! One way to get kids excited about snacking is to make it fun and messy! Eating can be an act of imagination!  

With today's creative snack we want you to pour the pouch into a bowl and give your kid different fruits to dip! Encourage your kid to try different fruits and maybe even a sweet vegetable! 

Please share with us your creative way to snack using Too Good Eats by tagging @toogoodeats on Instagram or comment below!


  • Whole fresh strawberries
  • One BBKM pouch (Shop here)


Pour the contents of the pouch into a bowl and dip dip baby with fresh strawberries- seriously delicious combination and quick and easy snack creation!   

eat & live too good

the russell family