Lettuce Chicken Tacos

 Exchange those tortillas for lettuce!!!!

Exchange those tortillas for lettuce!!!!

Happy Sunday Too Good Family!

Today I am sharing with you one of our favorite alternatives to tacos "Lettuce chicken tacos!" Tacos are so easy to make that they have  a designated day of the week! Our family loves a good taco so in order to fit our lifestyle we made one change to the authentic taco recipe!

You still get all of the flavor in this taco a just with a wholesome foundation! Packed with tons of healthy fats, thanks to the avocado, and exchanging the flour or corn tortilla for lettuce makes this a healthy alternative! 

We hope you enjoy this recipe! Please snap pictures and share them with us using the hashtag #toogoodrecipes


  • 2 whole chicken breast

  • 8 whole lettuce leaves
  • 2 avocados(we put our avocados in the fridge before preparing them for this recipe)
  • 1 lime
  • 2 roma tomatoes
  • salt
  • Taco seasoning
  • Optional: taco sauce or sour cream.


Steps to yumminess

  • Step one: cut chicken into cubed pieces, season with taco seasoning, let simmer in the skillet until nice and juicy.
  • Step two: Prepare lettuce leaves by rinsing them off in warm water and then drying them with a paper towel.
  • Step three: prepare guacamole by mixing avocado and roma tomatoes into a small serving dish. Add lime and salt to taste.
  • Step four: ENJOY! Put chicken into lettuce and top with guac and any other fixings you want! Delicious healthy meal with good fats!

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