A Note on Balance


FamilyPreneur's-Balancing a busy life, taking time to embrace the little moments, and building a business passion!

Whipping up baby blends for our son and mixing, juicing, and blending thousands of ice pop recipes was something we did naturally in our kitchen for our family-for peace of mind. Growing up in a family who struggles with chronic health diseases and weight control I was and still am obsessed with living a balanced life. When our sonshine was born that passion grew!

Fast forwarding to the purpose of this blog-our life is busy AF! FYI-I don't cuss but I like to use A LOT of abbreviation "bad words" LOL. Our typical day consists of early mornings, lunch making, dinner preparing, vision work, pop making, pureeing,  social media viewing, bed time stories, bed time tantrums, and maybe mommy and daddy catch a movie on the couch before falling asleep on each other.

With all that being said, we had to work together to create a functional life and balance in the midst of making our dreams come true and keeping our family unit tight.



What works for us?

Don't sweat the small stuff: Sometimes the old saying "It is what it is" works and should be applied to keep stress levels low. I. Am. A. Huge. Stressor and I freak out over disorganization and sometimes the things I can't control. I'm learning to let that ish goooo! So what if lil Ali knocked over every block in the living room and it's a mess-it can be cleaned up, so what if there are 10 dishes in the sink before bed-they'll get clean, I can forgive my husband for forgetting to switch the laundry etc.

I will run behind schedule to catch the little moments: I'm that mom and wife. If my sonshine is having a special first time moment I will stop to live in the moment or maybe even catch it on snap chat. If my husband is in deep thought with me or wants to grab one last kiss I'm not missing that moment. These are the moments that make us closer, the moments that make memories.

Really communicate; no fake communication: sometimes we think we told someone our agenda but really we didn't and now everyone is confused. When running a business as a family and living a constant life it's impossible and selfish not to communicate. What works for us is a huge monthly calendar in our bedroom, Morning Prayer, and speaking about the motions of our day before actually going through them. My husband always sends a follow-up text to ensure he doesn't forget and I appreciate that because it lets me know that we're on track together.

Celebrate the little things: this is huge! This is also something I just learned to do because I am very critical about reaching goals and I wasn't always impressed by accomplishing something "small." This all changed when I became a mother. My son lives for compliments and good jobs no matter how many times he has mastered a task. For example, lil Ali brushes his teeth every morning and he wants a "yay you brushed your teeth so well" every morning! Why can't adults share these same moments with our selves or others? Celebrate choosing water over juice, going to the gym, or simply completing everything on your to do list! Every small accomplishment leads you to the BIG one you're waiting for!

From our family to yours-

Eat and Live Too Good!

Anique Russell