Building your own holiday traditions!

By co-founder Anique


The holiday season is upon us and no matter what holidays you and your family choose to celebrate this time of year is full of savory foods, laughter, gatherings, and joy. My husband, Ali and I got married this year on July 8, 2017, and we've been strategically thinking about the holiday traditions we will begin. Yes! We both come from intimate family backgrounds where some traditions already exist but we wanted to create new traditions and I encourage new families to do this because it adds value and teachable moments to your unit. 

As we grow and go through life, what we value and what we are passionate about may change or be re-shaped and that's okay! For my husband and I we wanted to put emphasis on quality time, service, and non-materialistic items. We wanted the holidays to be full of teachable moments for our son and future children. 


So how do you adopt new traditions within your unit? 

  1. Communicate and figure out what you both value most-if you have kids include them too!
  2. Think about how you want holidays to be remembered when your kids grow up. 
  3. Keep your parents and grandparents traditions in mind but don't be afraid to alter them a little. 
  4. Write your traditions down and the reason why you do it and share them with your kids when they're adults. 


  1. Create an annual family service project. 
  2. Slumber party and holiday movie marathon. 
  3. Instead of trick or treating implement a spooky Craft night with treats and costumes or one of my favorites- attend a hallelujah night!  
  4. Study the meaning of Kwanzaa and other cultural traditions outside of your own-great lesson on diversity here! 
  5. Drive around different neighborhoods and to look at all of the lights! 
  6. Write Christmas love letters instead of giving gifts. 
  7. Adopt a family. 
  8. Invite a family over who needs some extra love over for Thanksgiving dinner! 


Do you have more ideas to share? Please share them with us! 

Next week we will be sharing a spooky healthy Halloween treat!! 

Eat and Live Too Good! 

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