Apple Butter Donuts

Today we have a fun take on donuts! As you know our motto is put GOOD in! What a better way to celebrate a long weekend with some tasty good snack recipe! These Apple Butter Donuts can be enjoyed as a quick breakfast option or as q snack in between errands and playtime! 

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Lettuce Chicken Tacos

Happy Sunday Too Good Family!

Today I am sharing with you one of our favorite alternatives to tacos "Lettuce chicken tacos!" Tacos are so easy to make that they have  a designated day of the week! Our family loves a good taco so in order to fit our lifestyle we made one change to the authentic taco recipe!

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Its going to be a Too Good Year

I believe in physically writing my goals down and actively checking them off in a personal journal. I believe in seeing my vision on a big board every morning that I wake up! Dreaming, doing, and believing will get you closer to your goals each and every day.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Too Good Eats Edition!!Β 

Help the people you love and care about Eat and Live Too Good this season! 

Too Good Eats Gift Cards: Who doesn't love a gift card?! Especially a Too Good Eats gift card. Our gift cards make the perfect family gift and gives families the option of choosing their own good Eats to help their family live and eat Too Good! Gift cards are also good for catering ice pops at special events! 

And more holiday gift ideas. 

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Building your own holiday traditions!

The holiday season is upon us and no matter what holidays you and your family choose to celebrate this time of year is full of savory foods, laughter, gatherings, and joy. My husband, Ali and I got married this year on July 8, 2017, and we've been strategically thinking about the holiday traditions we will begin. Yes! We both come from intimate family backgrounds where some traditions already exist but we wanted to create new traditions and I encourage new families to do this because it adds value and teachable moments to your unit. 

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A Note on Balance

Don't sweat the small stuff: Sometimes the old saying "It is what it is" works and should be applied to keep stress levels low. I. Am. A. Huge. Stressor and I freak out over disorganization and sometimes the things I can't control. I'm learning to let that ish goooo! So what if lil Ali knocked over every block in the living room and it's a mess-it can be cleaned up, so what if there are 10 dishes in the sink before bed-they'll get clean, I can forgive my husband for forgetting to switch the laundry etc.

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