Frequently asked Questions

Why is Too Good Eats the best choice for my family? 

We are the best choice for baby food for your little ones and snack offerings for your family because our products are unique, tasty, and made with the whole family in mind. Made with organic and wholesome ingredients our food is made with integrity. Shelf stable baby food is cooked at extremely high temperatures and kills off the vital nutrients that help babies grow healthy and strong-we don't do that! Our baby food is made in small batches, cooked lightly, and frozen immediately. Our baby food makes starting solids exciting for your baby with our perfect textures. Our ice pops are the ONLY ice pops made without ANY added sugar or water but seriously delicious and naturally sweet-we simply don't do fillers! 

How do I order and is there a minimum? 

You simply order online at Select your items, choose your delivery preference, pay online using our secure payment methods, and wait for your goodness to arrive, it's really that easy! The minimum delivery for our baby food pouches is 4 or more and for our pops you must order either 8 regular pops or 12 Too Good minis for delivery. If you're wanting your baby blends or pops shipped, there is a $20 minimum order. 

What are my delivery options for Too Good Eats, naturally organic foods? 

Too Good Eats, offers home delivery to Columbus and surrounding suburbs/areas, market pick up, and national delivery (Continental US only). 


What are my delivery options for Too Good Eats, naturally organic foods? 

Too Good Eats, offers home delivery to Columbus and surrounding suburbs/areas, market pick up, and national delivery (Continental US only). 


Do I have to be present when my food is delivered? 

When ordering frozen pops, YES! When ordering baby food blends you're not required to be home because we can leave your blends at your desired location in a insulated freezer tote with ice packs (upon your request) BUT as soon as you retrieve your baby blends, please transport to your freezer immediately to ensure 100% quality. 

When do you deliver and ship? Or if I choose market pick up, when are your markets? 

Delivery: Our food is made to order just for you, we deliver every Sunday between the hours of 2pm-5pm BUT if you have a special delivery request-different time or day we will be more than willing to honor your request, simply let us know at checkout or email us: all delivery orders must be made by 3pm Friday to ensure Sunday delivery, if an order is made after Friday at 3pm, we will deliver your food the following week. You will receive a text message when your food in in route

Shipping: There is a $20 minimum for shipping. Shipping is calculated according to where you live and the weight of the package.  We ship every Monday-Wednesday. If your order is placed on Wednesday-Sunday we will ship it out on Monday! If your order is placed on Monday it will be shipped Tuesday, if your order is placed on Tuesday is will be shipped out on Wednesday! All orders are shipped overnight to ensure our Too GOOD promise! 

How much is delivery? 

FREE we have no hidden delivery fees-enjoy! 

How is food delivered? 

Pops are packaged and delivered in a insulated container. Baby food is packaged and delivered in a insulated container. If you're home at the time of delivery, we will hand you your items in a bag to allow you to place into your freezer asap!  

How long can Too Good Eats, pops and baby blends be frozen? 

Our pops have a freezer life of 6 months and our baby blends have a freezer life of 4 months. Once baby food is thawed, it can be refrigerated for 48 hours, once opened please use within 24 hours. (Our packaging also has clear directions for you to reference to).

Can I warm my babies food? 

Yes! Although heating is not required and simply unthawing your babies blends in the fridge then serving is totally okay. We understand that some babies may like their food warm, also our sweet potatoes, peas, and rosemary is amazing a little warmed. To warm your babies food, simply place the pouch in warm water until desired temperature is reached, then serve. Our pouches are also re-useable and microwaveable. If using the microwave to warm food, please only microwave in 10 second increments and ALWAYS check food prior to serving, to make sure contents aren't too hot for your baby! 

Why is your baby food frozen? 

Freezing is the most natural way to preserve the nutrition in your babies food and ensures that the key nutrients aren't lost. Most baby food companies lose majority of its nutrients because they cook their food at high temperatures to be shelf stable-we don't do that. Our food is cooked lightly then immediately frozen to ensure nutritional and delicious food for your baby! 

Why do you use herbs in some of your stage two foods? 

Food should help your baby grow but also be a delightful experience for your baby. Herbs such as Rosemary and mint are a natural way to add flavor to your babies food. 

Are your pouches safe for my baby? 

Yes! Our pouches are BPA Free, child-friendly, choke-proof with a re-closable cap, and re-usable so please recycle! 

How can my baby food pouches be used? 

So many ways-feed your baby right from the pouch, or pour food into a bowl and serve, pack your pouch in a toddlers lunch or diaper bag with an ice pack and serve on the go! 

Why don't you use water in your Too God Eats pops? 

Water is used as an unnecessary filler ingredient in ice pops and we don't do fillers. No added water and no added sugar-always. 

Can Too Good Eats ice pops help with teething? 

Yes! Simply put the cold pop on your babies gums to sooth or break the ice pop into tiny pieces and let your baby sooth themselves. 

Do you offer gift certificates: 

Yes! A Too Good Eats, gift certificate is the perfect gift for any family or expectant parent. Simply order your gift certificate on our website and we will mail it to you. 

Always remember...

Always consult your pediatrician prior to beginning any new for your infant. Follow the recommended 4 day wait rule when introducing a new food to your baby-offer your baby the same new food for 4 days to test for allergies to that food. Remember- babies don't really know what they like and don't like yet-keep trying new foods over and over again. 

Is your baby food just for babies? 

Of course not! Feed yourself, your toddler, or anyone else our amazing tasting and healthy blends! 

Where is your food prepared? 

All Too Good Eats, products are prepared at The Commissary licensed kitchen in Columbus, Ohio. 

How does Too Good Eats give back? 

For every baby food subscription sold, Too Good Eats gives a baby food box to Moms2B Columbus! We also host healthy cooking classes in local Columbus. Learn more on our blog.  We believe that everyone deserves a healthy start! 

Will your Too Good Eats products be available in grocery stores? 

Yes! If you would like to see Too Good Eats products in a store near you, please request our product at that store and subscribe to our mailing list to see when we enter new stores. 

What makes Too Good Eats different from the rest? 

Our baby food and pops are made with the best ingredients and with integrity. We wouldn't sell you anything we wouldn't eat ourselves or feed our children. Our baby food blends are cooked lightly, made in small batches, immediately frozen, and made with the best fresh and organic ingredients sourced from local farmers when possible. Our pops are handcrafted to perfection with the best fruit and veggies and nothing added! We take pride in serving guilt free foods that will make your entire family happy! What you see is literally what you get with us! We are always thinking about what we can offer next :)

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, we will hate to see you go! If you want to cancel your subscription box, you'll have to let us know ONE week prior to your delivery date!

Helpful hints: 

  • Our ice pops make a great after school snack or dessert option 
  • Have an ice pop before or after a workout 
  • Try mixing our baby food blends with your breast milk or formula 
  • Try serving our blueberry, banana, kale, and mint or carrot, mango, and ginger frozen like a smoothie to your baby or toddler-you may love it too. 
  • Find new and fun ways to feed your baby-try making different noises and sounds to get your baby to open wide.
  • Go with your babies cues to know when he/she is full or wants more. 
  • Every eating experience will be different, take your time and enjoy the journey. 

Thank you for making Too Good Eats apart of your family.